Central Asia

Nineteen months ago, Drew and Steph left Central Asia for an extended leave, not sure if they would be returning. The season that followed was full of perplexity and disorientation, but they were grateful to be surrounded by steady, kind, and faithful Christian friends and family. Over time, their health improved, and last fall they received an invitation to return and serve in a city they lived in four years ago. After praying and deliberating, on Christmas Eve they decided to go. Though still in close partnership with their former teammates, and church partners, they will be returning with a different organization in August. Andrew will be overseeing the creation and translation of solid local language articles, books, and possibly also audio and video resources. The aim will be to give the fledgling churches, new leaders, and new believers among the local people group true, compelling, and beautiful resources that will help to establish them more deeply in their faith.

  • Pray that God would provide them with full financial support to return soon.
  • Pray that God would sustain their health as they prepare for this transition.
  • Pray that many Central Asians would hear the gospel on account of their labors.
North America.
Keith & Emily Allen // Long Island, NY

Keith and Emily are rejoicing in some recent blessings in their lives. Namly, their oldest son's profession of faith!  The church body is growing in love for Christ and his Word, which is promoting greater love and fellowship among them. They are also rejoicing in the Lord's provision of a music leader,  the Lord revealing a number of young men who are eager to be discipled, and a teaching gift in Emily.

The Allens and other leaders of Lynnbrook Baptist Church are experiencing the discomforts of trying to shift the church culture in the direction of intentionality, accountability, deep discipleship, and the pursuit of holiness.  Some have regarded the leadership actions as unloving or too intrusive.  One family and two teens have left the church, rather than own and repent of sinful speech patterns.

Keith’s family, mostly unbelievers, have suffered a number of deaths and deep illnesses recently and it is very burdensome to watch them grieve as those who have no hope or false hope. 

  • Pray that God would let the light of the gospel shine in the hearts of Keith’s family. 
  • Pray for Lynnbrook’s children's ministry culture would turn in a more gospel-focused direction and become more robust and clear theologically.
  • Pray for unity, love, and mutual sharpening among current elders and that God would raise up more.
  • Pray that the Lord would expand and unite the gospel effort in Long Island.
Refuge International

Refuge believes that God has given his Great Commission to local churches. Recognizing that refugees often flee tragic and dangerous circumstances in their home countries, Refuge International exists to help local churches love these dear people who now live among us and to point them to the only One who can bring true and eternal healing: Jesus Christ. Visit to learn more.

  • Pray for the ongoing English classes, reading clubs, Bible clubs, and fellowship times to bear fruit and produce followers of Jesus among the refugee population in Louisville.
  • There is no shortage of opportunities for church members in Louisville to serve refugee families in their resettlement process. Pray that God would raise up many Christians to offer them a helping hand.
  • Praise God for numerous partnering churches in Louisville who have begun new ESL ministries to meet one of the greatest needs for immigrants: learning English.
Gayo of Indonesia





Ev. Christian:


Main Language:


Spiritual Beliefs:

94% Islam

Bible in Heart Language:


The Gayo live in the isolated central mountains of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra. Their homeland lies in the Bukit Barisan Range which has elevations of over 12,000 feet and extends more than one thousand miles.

  • Pray God would use believers within the greater region to share the gospel with their neighbors.. 
  • Praise God that a few Gayo have believed in Christ in recent years.
  • Pray that God would establish healthy local churches among the Gayo people.