This new year brought a new location for Daniel and Monica.  After spending 5 months in country, they moved to the capital. They are grateful for the leadership they have from their organization amidst the war that is ongoing in the nation. The Lord generously provided furniture from a family who left the country to serve in a new location. They are praising the Lord for his provision in this way.

The situation in their country is not good. Many of those whom they serve are lacking in daily necessities, such as food, water, medicine, fuel, etc.  Daniel and Monica are working hard alongside local believers to help meet these needs. Despite the challenges and the fear that comes with them, the local church continues to press on to serve one another and share the gospel with their community.

  • Pray for an end to the ongoing conflict in the country where they serve.
  • Pray for Daniel and Monica’s national partners as they all work together to help those who are suffering.
  • Pray for their language learning studies as they seek to  learn a new dialect.
North America.
Jarred & Jamie LeBon // Fosston, MN

The LeBon family moved to Fosston a little over two years ago so that Jarred could take on the role of Lead Pastor at New Journey Church. Thus far, the Lord has seen fit to bless their ministry. They are beginning to see a lot of new faces showing up to the church on a weekly basis. Several months ago, they had the joy of bringing into membership two new couples. Currently, there are several other new families who are interested in church membership and becoming more engaged in the life and ministry of the church. 

They are praising God for that growth. However, this growth has come with its challenges. Many of the church’s most devoted leaders are stretched thin with many responsibilities in both life and ministry. There are many contributing factors, but one major issue is the lack of commitment in the church to do the work of ministry and share the load and responsibility of building up the church in the ways God has called and gifted them (Eph. 4:12-16). This is related to the ongoing lack of unified understanding and commitment to formal church membership. While there is a strong core of healthy members in the church, many remain on the fringes and uncommitted to formal church membership for a variety of reasons.

  • The LeBon’s are expecting their 5th child this June. Praise the Lord for this precious gift of life. Pray for a healthy pregnancy for Jamie, as well as, a safe and healthy delivery for their new baby.
  • Pray that the Lord would bless the LeBon’s efforts in beginning a new Discipleship Group meeting weekly in their home.
  • Pray that God would renew the strength of those leading in the church.
Immanuel Network Summit

The Immanuel Network is a mission cooperative of like-minded leaders whose mission is to plant and strengthen healthy multiplying churches in North America and the unreached peoples of the world. Later this week, Network partners from all over the world will be gathering at Immanuel to fellowship with one another and sit under the teaching of God’s word at the annual Immanuel Network Summit. The theme of this year’s gathering is “Rejoice”, covering the book of Philippians. The goal of this conference is to cultivate health in Network churches by equipping pastors, their teams, and their people.

  • Pray for the partners and their teams to be built up in the Lord.
  • Pray that God would strengthen those who are leading, speaking, and organizing this important event. 
  • Pray many would come and learn to rejoice in God as they labor to advance the gospel to the nations.
Pulaar Fulani of Mauritania





Ev. Christian:

0.21 %

Main Language:


Spiritual Beliefs:

99.5% Islam

Bible in Heart Language:

New Testament

Islam has enormous penetration into every aspect of Pulaar life. A somewhat isolated people with minimal exposure to other religious ideas, the Pulaar view the world and gain their personal identities from their rigid beliefs in the Islamic family and community. They are generally extremely reluctant to leave the world they know.

  • Pray for the Lord to provide for the Pulaar Fulani so well that they acknowledge his goodness and power.
  • Pray for the Lord to intervene among the Pulaar Fulani in Mauritania in such a way that they will become open to accepting the lordship of Christ.
  • Pray for Holy Spirit-empowered workers to go to the Pulaar Fulani.