Our Vision.
Equipping Immanuel’s men to build a community from all cultures where Christ is King.

Biblical manhood is exemplified in men who humbly and intentionally sacrifice themselves for the good of others and the glory of Jesus Christ. More specifically, when men are walking faithfully as biblical men they are displaying the glory of God. This can be seen in all aspects of life: in husbands loving wives the way Christ loves the church, in fathers teaching their children with the intentionality and gentleness of our heavenly Father, in men discipling other men the way Jesus discipled his followers, and in working in their jobs as unto the Lord.

We want to help men live faithfully in the world and in the church. We want to see men grow in compassion for tax collectors and sinners while leading their families to do the same. We want to see Immanuel's men praying with the desperation and faith of Daniel. We want to help men walk confidently in the love Christ has for them in the gospel and be compelled to pour themselves out for the good of others and God's glory.

Gathering Opportunities.

Men's Fellowship Breakfasts.

At these bi-monthly breakfasts, men are sharpened by the Word and by one another.

Work Outs.

Outreach opportunities to serve where needs are found—within and outside Immanuel.

Men's Retreat.

The Immanuel Men's Retreat is an annual opportunity away to be refreshed, sharpened, built up, and given a charge.

Pastoral Apprenticeship.
Our burden is to produce faithful shepherds.

Immanuel’s Pastoral Apprenticeship is a three-year program designed to raise up men from within the church who will shepherd this congregation for years to come, as well as, to train men to be sent out to churches in America and to the nations. We want to entrust the gospel message to faithful men who will be able to teach others also (2 Tim. 2:2). The program includes biblical and theological study in a classroom setting, as well as opportunities to observe and participate in practical, pastoral ministry. We want to see men grow in knowledge, character, and experience, so we structure our efforts to address all of these areas.

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Men's Ministry.

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