Every-Member Ministry.
"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

As a community, we rely on each other to meet most of the needs within the church. We call this “every-member ministry” because every Christian really is a minister of the gospel. We encourage and equip Immanuel members to look for opportunities to serve!

Examples of every-member ministry include:

  • Studying the Bible with neighbors.
  • Showing hospitality to those visiting.
  • Inviting a college student looking for housing to live with your family.
  • Knowing & meeting the needs of people in your Gospel Community Group.
  • Mowing grass for an elderly member.
  • Visiting someone in the hospital.
  • Bringing a meal to a new mom.
  • Calling a friend you’ve not seen in a while and checking in on him/her.
  • Inviting a friend to talk through a difficulty you’re facing.
  • Visiting a member or friend in the nursing home.

In addition to the organic ways listed above that the body of Christ is serving one another, there are formal needs for members to serve as the church gathers on Sundays. Will you give your time, energy, and joy to serving the guests and saints of Immanuel on Sunday mornings in one of the following ways?

Serving Opportunities.

Gather on Sunday. Serve on Sunday.

Immanuel Kids.

Be a part of a team committed to supporting children and their families in one or more ways.


  • Care for children of varying ages.
  • If able & desiring, teach children age-appropriate, God-centered lessons.
  • Help to keep Immanuel Kids classrooms neat & clean.


  • Must be an Immanuel member.
  • Must have regularly attended a Gospel Community Group for at least 3 months.
  • Must successfully pass a background check.
Serve with IK
Welcome Team.

Show hospitality to those gathering with the body through one or more of the following:


  • Greeting at the entrances.
  • Helping people navigate the building.
  • Keeping the building secure.
  • Collecting offering.


  • Must have completed a membership interview with a pastor.
Serve with Welcome Team